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We are here to  help economically disadvantaged people in communities throughout the United States and around the world to become entrepreneurial leaders in their nations by helping them grow their own on-line companies through education, mentoring, funding, creating partnerships,providing free or inexpensive Internet access, and helping to close the digital divide.


Talent is evenly distributed but opportunity and access to computers, affordable Internet, training, reliable power, banking and the capital markets are not - - - our mission is to fix that through funding, partnerships, technology and access to an affordable Internet.

Check out our Gallery to view what we do, and see how our Team is making this happen. Our Video explains why we are doing this.

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Working together as entrepreneurs
go for the stars
College Courses and On-Line Training at No Charge

We are currently running  courses within our Global Entrepreneurial Academy at no charge to the students.

Developing Business Plans

Assisting young adults in developing their business plans.

Leadership Development and Connecting With Investors

This training is based on a course tought at the George Washington University School of Business and Harvard where the final classes are similar to the show  - - - Shark Tank.  We train the students, teach them how to pitch to investors, and then introduce them to potential investors.

Donate Now and You Can Make a Real Difference For Someone - One Life At A Time.

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