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This newspaper article covers the first time this new and experimental curriculum was taught and evaluated at the George Washington University School of Business.  Later the curriculum was used at Harvard, and then other schools where students started building their companies during the course, and many were generating income before the end of the course.  This course predated the show "Shark Tank" - - -  and in many ways it was similar as the students presented to the venture capitalists on the last day of the course with the interaction between entrepreneurial teams and venture capitalists being similar to that seen on the show "Shark Tank".  This curriculum evolved into what we now use for the Planet Startup program.  Our first two programs where in Ghana - - - the first within the interior of the nation, in Tamale, and the second in Agona Swedru, near Accra.

Graduating Entrepreneurs In Ghana
Graduating Entrepreneurs In Ghana
Discussing Business Plans
Building Business Plans
Dynamic Discussions In Class
Dynamic Class Discussions
Harvard Case Method
Employing The Harvard Case Method

This Newspaper article covers one of our graduation ceremonies in the City of Agona Swedru where the guest speaker Dr. Gabriel Akomani Botchway, head of the Political Science Department at the University of Education, Winneba gave a stunning speech to the students encouraging them to use the skills learned in our program to build businesses of their own to help stem rampant unemployment by creating new jobs for themselves and others. Click on the image to enlarge.

Graduating Women As Technology Entrepreneurs
Graduating The Next Generation of Ghana's Tech Leadership
Tech Entrepreneurs Graduating And Creating Their Own Firms
Working in the Business Lab
Testing The Skype Videoconferencing Links Between, Ghana, The US, Canada, and China
A Graduate Ready To Start His Own Company

Education Center
Lauderhill Florida

Lauderhill 6-12 STEM-MED Magnet
The Planet Startup Team
Lauderhill 6-12 STEM-MED
Dr Feinstein and Assist Principal
Planet Startup Banner
Planet Startup Sponsors an Award
unnamed (4)
Dr Feinstein at Lauderhill 6-12
Lauderhill 6-12 STEM-MED
Fort Lauderdale Planet Startup Program directed by Samuel Perlmutter in the the LAUDERHILL STEM-MED School where  we work with students in developing their ideas into business plans and demonstration projects then we arrange a special day where they pitch their ideas to business owners   who have agreed to offer internships or mentorships to students whose presentations show merit. Oracle has been our partner on other projects with this school.
Planet Startup Sponsors Job Fair for Lauderhill 6-12 STEM-MED School with Fort Lauderdale Businesses Where Students Compete for Summer Internships and Jobs
The idea started at Harvard and the George Washington University where groups of graduate students were taught to develop their prototype ideas in code, write business plans, and then  pitch their ideas to venture capitalists using software demos and overheads.  At the end of the course, venture capitalists were brought in to view the presentations and invest if they saw something promising.  The results were better than expected with students getting partnerships and investment capital - - - all making a splash in the local papers.  As an experiment, we worked with the Lauderhill 6-12 STEM-MED School and companies in Fort Lauderdale as well as the ORACLE Corporation and The DB Collective, and most importantly our dedicated local teachers to teach coding as well as writing and briefing skills to the students where they developed their ideas for presenting to local business leaders to compete for internships and summer jobs to develop their ideas further.  
All students were able to get internships or jobs with many students receiving multiple bids.  Based on the success of the event, we have been invited to expand the program to a school in Brooklyn, NY with future plans to expand the program globally along with our programs in Africa, Brazil, and other locations. 
Rather than try to explain the excitement and value of this event, it's much better to view the action and expressions on everyone's faces in the event pictures below.  Note how our business leaders interact with the students as the younger students watch the action and cheer the competitors on. 
If you would like to become involved in this program, please contact us.  You can also be involved by donating money - - - just so you know, as little as $400 will purchase a computer our participants can use - - - - and every bit helps.
Sam Perlmutter Being Filmed
Students Pitch Potential Employers
A Top Presenter Grabs Some Attention
Waving the Planet Startup Flag
Many Women Are Top Presenters
Women Are Excelling In Tech
Another Top Tech Performer
A Remote Presentation
Another Women in Hi-Tech Scores Well
Another Top Performer
Grabbing Attention Is Critical
A Large Audience
Making It Happen
Demonstrating The Software
Much Action In The Room
A Top Performer
Discussing Potential Offers
Motivational Discussion
Sam Perlmutter Addresses the Group
Business Leaders At the Welcome
Randall I Deich
Listen Up!
Motivating Talk
Business Leaders In Discussion
Important Discussions
Company Owners and Managers
Thanking The Attendees
A Special Award
Never Too Early
More Discussions
Watching The Competition
Making Decisions
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