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Our Initial Project and Where We Are Going

We chose to initiate our program in Ghana as it is one of the most advanced and stable nations in Africa - - - on a path to greatness with a good appreciation of technology along with a hard working population who want to achieve.  Yet like many nations, quality job creation is faltering and unemployment is rising rapidly among young adults creating a pattern, if unchecked, could lead to increases in crime, violence, and political instability. This situation is not unique to Ghana; it is a common pattern in many nations.

In addition, Ghana - - - like many nations - - - has a large variance in how people live, and this short video produced by the UN conveys the challenges as well as the rapid progress being made in this important and charming African nation.  As you view the video, you will understand the importance of this program and what still needs to be done - - - like shipping inexpensive Internet satellite antennas, solar power units, and low power computers with built in camera and mic.

Other initiatives planned are for Jamaica, Brazil, and Costa Rica as well as the inner city areas of Miami and Fort Lauderdale in the US - - - with an ultimate plan of linking our centers so the student entrepreneurs can work internationally on team projects.

Initiatives Underway in Ghana
New Initiatives in Togo
Many nations measure what we call a "Happiness Index"  - - - in addition to economic indices.  When we learned that Togo had one of the lowest Happiness Indices in the world as well as high youth unemployment, we thought we could help.  

Amazon has selected Planet Startup as one of the charities it supports.  If you want to have The Amazon Foundation donate based on your Amazon purchases through their AmazonSmile program - - - just click on the link to the right, and select us as your charity and they do the rest.

If you would like to volunteer with us and help to accomplish our mission, just send an email to me at stating where you are from and how you think you can help.  We need mentor lecturers, curriculum designers, investors or partners for the students, bloggers & social media people, area coordinators, overseas shippers, partnerships with others doing complementary work, or any interesting ideas you might have that would help - - - -  remember money helps too.

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