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Major Newspaper Covers One of Our Graduations in Sierra Leone as Students Celebrate

Partnering with MEYE, Augustine Macarthy, Planet Startup National Director in Sierra Leone, organized a major graduation event attended by the press and some notables who spoke to the students on this very important day. Later in the year Mr. Macarthy was honored by being selected for a two-week leadership training program organized by the West Africa Civil Society Institute in Accra, Ghana. Mr. Mcarthy is one of the up-and-coming leaders in Africa, and has grown the Planet Startup program substantially in West Africa. Planet Startup operates in Africa, Brazil, China, Australia, and the US to mentor and coach young adults residing in remote or marginalized areas of the world to set up and run their own Internet-based companies as well as connecting them with partners to help them succeed. We believe talent and initiative are distributed equally over the planet; however, opportunity, technology, as well as access to capital, payment platforms, and markets are not - - - and we are helping to fix that.

Major Newspaper Covers Planet Startup Graduation in Sierra Leone

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